Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Whiskey with Apples - sold

8x6 inches

My Tools

Here are my main tools. My colours (at the moment and ignore the left hand side colour stains) are, from the top and left to right, Ivory Black, Yellow Ochre Light, Burnt Sienna, Titanium White, Ultramarine Blue, Cad Yellow Pale and Bright Red. This is based on the Zorn palette but is now a standard limited palette. I am trying to find the least amount of colours I need to paint any subject, but this is a personal development thing based on my likes and dislikes not someone elses but the Zorn palette was a good place to start.

I will be doing some paintings with a three colour palette which you will see in the near future.

I put the white in the middle as a divide between cool colours, to the left and warm colours to the right. 

If you didn't catch my earlier info on my studio my palette is a 16x12 mdf board, stained with umber, with a perspex top. I mix my paint on the perspex. Many artists use glass but I feel perspex does the same job, is lighter and cheaper and therefore easily replaced - which I need at the moment as I am changing and experimenting often.

The brushes are all Rosemary brushes. I mainly use filberts but I do use a flat here and there and a palette knife. All paints are artist grade Windsor & Newton.

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