Sunday, 12 May 2013

Farm Track - study - sold

7.5 x 6 inches

This is a little landscape where my main goal was just to do a landscape. I have concentrated on still life for very good reason but it's time for me to paint different subject matter too.

This is a good example of a painting going well because the original idea is sound. I have found one of, perhaps the most important stage of painting is the original idea and design. I am more selective now in what I paint rather than just getting something done.

The suggestion of cloud to the left is a good example of adding something not in the original reference to enhance the picture as this cloud points and leads the eye to the tree, the focal point. Many of the lines in this picture converge on the tree. Simple works :)

I am very loose in my approach to subjects preferring to design as I go but it helps if the original needs little help.

The greens are done with yellow ochre light + black, with touches of violet for the cools and cad yellow pale and blue for the warms. I might scale this up for a larger painting,

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